Harold J. Treherne

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Art Works of Local Man on Display at Art Museum

Art Works of Local Man on Display at Art Museum - Moose Jaw Times-Herald 1968

The art works of Harold J. Treherne, a resident of Moose Jaw for many years, are currently on display at the city's Art Museum.

Mr. Treherne was born in England but has farmed in the Moose Jaw district for about 40 years.

All of his work is done in a media of ball point pen and pencil crayon. The extremely fine, intricate designs which he creates might be attributed to his studies as a draftsman in earlier years.

Mr. Treherne was honored in 1967 at the opening of a three-man Centennial Show at the Moose Jaw art museum.

In 1961, he picked up an award at the Saskatchewan Arts Board exhibition. Two years later, he was awarded the Saskatoon Farmers' Union trophy for excellence in rural art.

Mr. Treherne reported that he has been doing one picture every month for the past 14 years. He added that sometimes he gets behind for one month, but he always catches up again. He is entering his 167 month.

Much of his work centres around scenes in Moose Jaw and the surrounding district. A picture of St. Andrew's United Church and one with the title Saskatchewan Street at Night are two very familiar scenes in the city.

In deep contrast to his landscaping designs, Mr. Treherne has also done a number of "flowery" pictures and several intricately designed vases.

Mr. Treherne commented on the contrast: "You wouldn't get anything out of life if you stayed with one thing. I do nearly anything that interests me." He added that the one thing he does not draw is animal pictures.

The display at the art museum is "only a fraction of what I've done," Mr. Treherne said. He mentioned that he has about 41 pictures at home and quite a few that he has lent or given to his friends.

One particular picture has a great deal more to it than meets the eye. A single vase is reflected at four different angles of mirrors. Without knowing how many orginal vases there were, it is a challenge to try and figure it out. That picture was entered in international competitions in New Brunswick although it did not place.

-Moose Jaw Times-Herald, July 30, 1970


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